Grain Elevator | Terminal Puerto San Pedro S.A.

  • Depth alongside: 27´11´´+ river height
  • Access draft: 31´00´´ to 35´00´´ Feet FW
  • Max LOA: 225
  • Max Beam: 33
  • Airdraft: 18 m
  • Tide restriction: No
  • Night Arrival / Sailing restriction: Yes
  • Method of loading: elevator/belts
  • Working hours: M/F 0700-1900 Sat 0700 – 1300
  • Overtime: Sat 1300 to Mon 0700 M/F 1900-0700
  • Loading rate: 1200 tph (7 arms)
  • Bunkers: Yes
  • Fresh Water: No
  • Garbage collection compulsory: No
  • Others: Berthing/sailing during daylight only.


Km 277 Paraná River
Province of Buenos Aires
“B” Category Port
Lat 33º41 S Long 59º39 W
Arg Charts CR#1, sheet 9
BA Chart 1982

San Pedro is a city of 50,000 inhabitants, located approximately 100 km from Rosario and 250 km from Buenos Aires. It is in the midst of an important farming and fruit producing area (specially peaches and citrus). There is little industrial activity, except for some fruit processing and packing plants. It is connected to the NCA Railway and the Buenos Aires -Rosario Highway (Highway Nº9, 12 km away). A provincial highway connects San Pedro with the farming area in the province of Buenos Aires.

Port general description:

The principal port activity is the loading of grain and agricultural by-products, and in 1997, 37 ships loaded 660.000 ton (Wheat 200.000 ton, maize 447.000 ton, soybeans 13.000 ton), also 20.600 ton fertilizers were imported. Occasionally, due to low river condition, vessels bound for Villa Constitución or San Nicolás with imports of iron ore or other bulk cargoes unload at San Pedro.