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ISA is the argentine shipping agency with the largest geographical coverage. We have 14 offices in the most important ports in the region, from Ushuaia to Bolivia. This enables us to ensure we render top-quality services all across and serves as a very powerful source of information and knowledge . We are also the only agency that covers the grain corridor of the Paraguay-Paraná Waterway (Hidrovía), with offices located in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay.

We are professionals

with extensive experience
in the international shipping

We are the leading shipping agency in Argentina on account of our excellence, which is based on the ongoing training and professional development of our staff.

We are a young company

devoted to creating
added value.

We offer our clientes high-quality solutions by meeting their needs and expectations through expert and innovative solutions.

We have commitment

to quality:
excellence is our passion.

We are the first Argentine shipping agency to obtain the QHSE certification for all our processes, thus ensuring the highest quality in all of our services.